Alfredo Calderon


Alfredo Calderon, "Where life is perceived through a clear lens.'

Alfredo has an eye for capturing frames at the right time. His timing is spot on.

"Perception of Life through a Clear Lens portrays the many meanings associated with my relationship with photography. Perception utilizes the senses and the mind, one’s intuition for immediate recognition and understanding.

When I’m out exploring various places, my senses can get highly in tune with the surroundings and all these meanings can be activated." says Alfredo.

Alfredo has been a San Diego resident all of his life and the weather does keep him there.

He is a retired union construction worker by trade that worked on large engineering projects such as bridges & freeways, underground main pipeline operations and a bit of mining since 1989.

When a camera was given to him as a birthday present in the early 90’s, automatically and instinctively the camera & Alfredo had a kinship.

These photographs are some of his personal favorites and also the ones that are favored by others.
We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do!