Antonio Vargas


"The picture is an excuse because art is to discover, invent, research, experiment," the artist AJ Vargas, who summarized in these words the concept of his work and his work.

It is not a creator come from a family of artists, he is an innate artist of soul and spirit, curious shapes, colors, figures and life. But subsequent training in the classrooms of the Spanish school forever leave its mark in the art, the figure, the use of colors.

Since little bent for drawing rather than letters, which earned him problems at school and at home, until his father knew that he would do nothing forcing him to study the numbers and letters and gave him the freedom that he led to the arts, from which most never left and which has more than 30 years.

Versatile in its products and content, no limits when creating arises, not an artist of ways just because his curiosity leads him to search for new proposals that do not necessarily have a continuity of color, expression, theme even in the materials used.

It is expressed according to time, to the stage, has nothing to do with your mood says, but rather what goes around, it is a clear supporter of his experiences of the past, or present, and always expressed in images, the subject is indifferent, and the concept.

Discarded fashions, because it believes that fashion does not exist in art, so there is a sincere proposal consistent with the time living, and the artist is a witness of social time, historical, economic and political,