The history of Cherry Trees in America

Cherry trees originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship from the People of Japan to the People of the United States. In Japan, the flowering cherry tree called “Sakura,” is a flowering plant.

The Cherry Tree is attached with the celebration of George Washington’s Birthday because of George Washington’s honesty regarding the chopping down of a cherry tree.

The majority of cherry species are native to the Northern Hemisphere.   About 10 to 12 species are located through out North America. Europe has nearly the same amount. The greatest number of species reside in Eastern Asia.

R Grantham Cherry Sculpture

R Grantham Cherry Sculpture

The species consist of sweet cherry and the sour cherry, which both are used for cooking or direct consumption. Both species are similar in size, shape and color.  The Cherry pie also has been symbolic since the 17th Century right through the early American times as a good will gesture. Cherries made it to the gambling floor on slot machines.  Finally, candy and treats also include The Cherry.

The Cherry in the Art Industry represents different meanings depending upon how it is displayed, interpreted and country of origin.  Cherries can mean pure, honesty, new, sexuality, fragile, beauty and life.   The cherry appears to be innocent, but its real meaning is based on fertility. Look at the cherry’s color, which is many shapes of red, it is rich in color and juicy in make up.  Cherries directly are related to the zest, and sexual power of women for centuries.

Many artists of different genre’s usually have one project in their portfolio of some image of a cherry.  The Cherry as been the focal point of many types of art.  Many Painting genres, Sculpture genres and Mass produced manufactured art items as well, include The Cherry.

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