Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe became a media starlet,  still captures the world market over a half a century after her death. Famed artist Andy Warhol and many others, captured the 50’s glamour star and legend in their works.

Marilyn on Canvas

As an American Icon, based on the huge publicity that surrounded this Legend. The media created her persona through the constant focus on her every move from Hollywood and the White House.  The Art Community got a hold of her and produced works ranging from fashion photography to Pop art. Images of  her struggles to abstracts of her sexuality through the power of her images  She was and still is a sexual icon for most who enjoy the beauty and images of what she represents to the public.

Although her life ended at the age of 36, the art world has a huge love affair with Marilyn Monroe’s magnetic looks and personality. Everyone knows that sexuality sells, so artists capitalize in there own special version or perception of who and what Marilyn Monroe stands for.

What the future holds for Marilyn is unknown for the general population moving into the next decade. The Art Community will always have a say in keeping her legend alive and well through photography and canvas works.  Every major art gallery world wide has works of Marilyn on canvas or photography on display.  Her beauty and mystique still mesmerize gallery goers all over the world. Big name artists who have created works when she was still alive, command big dollars on their original works. One thing for sure today and tomorrow is “Sexy Sells”.

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