Spring the Season of Artists

Alfredo Calderon, San Diego, CA

When you think of Spring, you think of Artists doing landscapes, scenic views, trees and flowers blooming and the glistening shine of the rain and dew on everything green.  Many plants bloom in the springtime.

North of the equator Spring is usually March into early June, South of the equator Spring is September into early December.  Once the weather becomes increasingly warmer, plants and flowers start to grow and pop-up above ground.

Before it was called Spring, it was called “Springing”.  Starting in the 14th century during Lent, that time of year was called “springing time”—in reference to plants “springing” up from the ground. In the 15th century this got shortened to “spring-time,” and then finally shortened to just Spring in the 16th century.


Bronze Sculpture of a Tropical Flower of Venezuela.

The seasons for artists means a new collection of work to display in the market place. Gallery events, exhibitions, showings and seasonal collections go on display for buyers, collectors and the general public for sale.


Spring is a time for new beginnings and in the art world many artists prefer to work on Spring Collections. A great time to work outside in the warm sun and light breezes of springtime.

Springtime is about new life, wintertime represents death death, Trees, plants, fields are beginning to make that turn green; also Spring means Color, the artist’s color palette is used to the maximum during this time of year in the outside world.  As plants bloom, there are very many amazing color combination in nature.

Spring also refers to hope, love and growth. The seasonal symbolism for this period may also include religious celebrations by many.

Enjoy the season of Spring through artwork by artist’s whom love the spring season and have the imagination and love for this special time of each and every year through out the world.


Infinity Art Studio Team



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